Tourists looking for the perfect holiday site may easily dismiss historically rich locations in favour of other, more typical holiday destinations, like beaches or resorts. While this sentiment has its own justification, the reality is that few vacations are appreciated as much as those which teach you about culture and history. And there aren’t many places in the world that have influenced history as much as Athens. The capital city of Greece, the cradle of western civilization, is a city that globe-trotters simply cannot miss.

               Athens significance to the modern world is undoubted. Many notable characters inhabited Athens during its apogee, the most well-known of which are the philosophers to whom we owe so much in the fields of science, medicine and philosophy, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles, to name a few. Athens is considered by history as the birthplace of democracy, for example.

               Without a doubt, the main attraction to visit in Athens is the Acropolis of Athens. This citadel, located on a hill above the city of Athens contains some of the most historically significant buildings in all of Greece, the most famous of which is the Parthenon. The whole citadel is located in a strategic point in the city from which, in the past, was considered to be easily defended. Throughout history, however, Athens suffered many invasions, and the Acropolis specifically has seen the results of destruction many times over. It is to be expected, however, that buildings that have spanned over millennia are now in ruins – which is essentially what remains of the Acropolis. And yet, visiting this site can be a magical experience as it is one of those unique spots where so much of history has occurred. The Parthenon in particular – the ancient temple dedicated in honour of the goddess Athena – is quite breath-taking.

               Athens is much more than just the sum of its ruins, however. Right at the feet of the Acropolis, there’s Plaka neighbourhood, a reminder of Greek life and a part of its relatively modern history – its tight streets, lovely houses and buildings date back to the 19th century. Roaming around those maze-like corridors and finding a café is a wonderful opportunity to have a taste of some of the local cuisine: some moussakas, gyros, olives or a most typical Greek yoghurt.

               Another fantastic place to visit in Athens is one of the many hills that surround the city. Not just any hill, but specifically Lycabettus. From here, the tallest point in all of Athens, tourists will get a remarkable panoramic view of the whole city and the outstanding, formerly mentioned Acropolis. Visiting the hill is a fantastic plan since the way there can allow for a better insight into the city’s inner life and, once visitors arrive there are two options: climbing on foot or taking the funicular. Both good options for different types of tourist, but in the end, the destination will be worth it. It may be the perfect spot to watch the sun setting behind the Acropolis.

               There are so many other historical sites in Athens, residues from more civilizations than just the Greek, such as the Romans and the Ottomans, as well as many markets and temples, that there’s no way visitors will get bored while touring the capital of Greece.…

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             The Iberian Peninsula is an ideal destination for young globe-trotters. The combination of delightful shores, wonderful people, and amazing food is a recipe for the perfect vacation. One of the most important cities in the peninsula is indubitably the capital city of Spain, Madrid. The home city of two football giants from La Liga, Atlético and Real, Madrid is not only one of the most important capitals in Europe and the world, but it is also one of the most beautiful places to visit.

               Madrid is the second-largest city in the EU, behind Berlin, and its financial influence is one of the largest in the world. Not only is it a world capital, but it’s also one of the most influential cities in terms of culture, fashion, sports, environment, entertainment, science and much, much more. It is also where the Spanish Royal family resides.

               Visitors who travel to Madrid will have the chance to visit some of the most exquisite squares in all of Europe. The logical place to begin is at the start, the centre of all of Spain, in the Puerta del Sol square, where travellers can find the km 0 of all Spanish roads. Besides this, Puerta del Sol is also very well known for its clock which welcomes every new year with a celebratory ringing. Another famous square – the main square – is Plaza Mayor. Surrounded by beautiful buildings and statues of kings, this square used to be the centre of Madrid and is still one the prettiest in all of the city. Plaza de la Villa is yet another wonderful square, surrounded by some of the oldest, still standing, medieval-looking buildings. Near it, visitors may find the San Miguel Market, one obligatory stop for all food lovers, well known for its offer of Iberian Ham, Galician seafood and Manchego cheeses.

Another significant square, Plaza de la Armería, is a must-see because, from there, tourists will find not one, but two stunning sights. First of all, across the street, there is the Almudena Cathedral, the most significant religious building in all of Madrid. This Catholic church was built over the remains of a former mosque, and the first cathedral to be consecrated by the Pope outside of Rome. This was in 1993, and that Pope was John Paul II. Tourists can enter the church and visit the lookout tower, from which they can have a better look at the building across the street. This is the Royal Palace of Madrid, and its entrance is located in Plaza de la Armería. It is the largest palace in all of Western Europe, and while its main service is tourism, it is still under use for official state business and ceremonies.

               Madrid is a wonderful metropolis, that would be a delight for any tourist looking for historically significant sights and beautiful scenery, not to mention delightful art and cuisine. Truly, Madrid is home to a lot of the best of what Spain has to offer.…

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There are many cities in Europe which are really underrated tourist destinations. A good freind of mine who owns a roofing company and has traveled alot was telling me about this just the other day. While the most popular stops might be Paris, Rome or London, one of the best places in all of Europe to visit happens to be another extremely influential, cultural and sophisticated metropolis: Vienna. A settlement by the most famous Danube river, Vienna is the capital of Austria and was also the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. The City of Music is a site filled with tourist potential. Not only has it been one of the most important and influential cities in modern history, but it’s also been considered by experts and international organizations the cities with one of the highest standards of living in the whole world. Tourists should definitely go visit Vienna to see everything it has to offer, from sites to cultural activities, to its food and drinks.

For those who are cultured individuals, Vienna will undoubtedly conjure up a couple of names of some very special people. As mentioned before, Vienna is the City of Music. This is due to the fact that some of the most influential and important musicians of all times called this city their home. Of course, these musicians were Mozart and Beethoven. Especially for those fascinated by the former, there are some sights in Vienna that music fans just cannot miss. Mozart’s Birthplace and Mozart’s Residence, where they moved later on, are two museums dedicated entirely to the composer, where the whole story of his life is on display along with several artefacts from his youth, including his instruments. Beethoven’s also been remembered in his own museum, and travellers can even visit his grave in the Central Cemetery of Vienna.

Another very important name for the history knowledgeable, or those who had to endure an introductory class on psychology at school or college, is Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis (why Vienna is also known as the “City of Dreams”) also has a museum dedicated to him in Vienna.

After visiting the Mozart museums, history buffs and the culturally inclined tourists will rejoice in learning that there are countless more museums to visit in Vienna. The Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art History, the Military History Museum, and the Albertina are all fine examples of great museums to visit in Vienna. In particular, the Belvedere’s Gallery is a great place to visit as there is much of it dedicated to world-famous authors from the early 20th century such as Klimt and Schiele.

Visiting museums, opera houses, palaces, cathedrals and parks are only some of the many, many things tourists will be able to enjoy in Vienna. Without a doubt, grabbing a coffee and going shopping after touring along the Danube can be as rewarding as eating a whole Schnitzel in any of the wonderful restaurants and coffee shops around the city. Definitely a must-visit location!…

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Travelling is one of the most rewarding life experiences. When you take time to explore new places, you get a rewarding experience for your time. If you were stressed up, it easily clears, and you relax your body. 

When you travel, you can choose either to travel alone or with other people. Either way offers its own advantages and disadvantages. When you choose to travel with people, you get an opportunity to enjoy life at it’s best around people. 

But solo travel offers a different form of vacation. Your travel turns out to be something else and not your regular travel. If you love your time alone, you end up enjoying every moment. 

Most people are scared of solo travel. But you shouldn’t be among the most people who stay away from solo travel. Try it out, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of fun that you can enjoy when you travel. 

This article shares with you the top reasons you should consider Solo travel every time you plan a vacation. 

  • Do Everything You Desire To Do 

When traveling Solo, it’s easy to plan yourself. With no one to consult or factor in your critical decisions, you don’t have to worry about the activities you choose to do. When traveling alone, you get to plan and actually do all the things that you desire to do. 

You’re your own limitation. Whatever your heart desires to do, you do it. You don’t have to engage other people and consult them concerning whatever you wish to do. 

This is different as compared to other cases where you have to consult the people you have traveled with. When traveling with a group, you get to sacrifice a lot of things that you would desire to do. 

  • Get Undisturbed Personal Time 

When it comes to Solo traveling, you have all the time to do everything you desire or wish to do on your own. You get undisturbed time for your vacation. On your own, you get to choose what you need to do.

Solo travel is perfect when you want to relax, reflect, and meditate. It’s not like traveling with other people around you where you have to factor them in your decisions. 

So, if you desire to have a personal undisturbed time, solo travel is the best thing you should consider. 

  • The Best Way To Plan Your Life

There is nothing that gives peace like solitude. When you choose to be alone and connect with your inner-self. Ideas and plans flow out of you easily. 

And as a result, you get to plan your life well without any disturbance. So, every time you want to make a critical decision over your life, it’s important to get a solo trip and enjoy every moment. It will give you all the peace you need to plan solo travel. 

Parting shot 

Whether you want to relax or reflect and plan, solo travel got you covered. Choose your destination and enjoy every moment. 

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