The Iberian Peninsula is an ideal destination for young globe-trotters. The combination of delightful shores, wonderful people, and amazing food is a recipe for the perfect vacation. One of the most important cities in the peninsula is indubitably the capital city of Spain, Madrid. The home city of two football giants from La Liga, Atlético and Real, Madrid is not only one of the most important capitals in Europe and the world, but it is also one of the most beautiful places to visit.

               Madrid is the second-largest city in the EU, behind Berlin, and its financial influence is one of the largest in the world. Not only is it a world capital, but it’s also one of the most influential cities in terms of culture, fashion, sports, environment, entertainment, science and much, much more. It is also where the Spanish Royal family resides.

               Visitors who travel to Madrid will have the chance to visit some of the most exquisite squares in all of Europe. The logical place to begin is at the start, the centre of all of Spain, in the Puerta del Sol square, where travellers can find the km 0 of all Spanish roads. Besides this, Puerta del Sol is also very well known for its clock which welcomes every new year with a celebratory ringing. Another famous square – the main square – is Plaza Mayor. Surrounded by beautiful buildings and statues of kings, this square used to be the centre of Madrid and is still one the prettiest in all of the city. Plaza de la Villa is yet another wonderful square, surrounded by some of the oldest, still standing, medieval-looking buildings. Near it, visitors may find the San Miguel Market, one obligatory stop for all food lovers, well known for its offer of Iberian Ham, Galician seafood and Manchego cheeses.

Another significant square, Plaza de la Armería, is a must-see because, from there, tourists will find not one, but two stunning sights. First of all, across the street, there is the Almudena Cathedral, the most significant religious building in all of Madrid. This Catholic church was built over the remains of a former mosque, and the first cathedral to be consecrated by the Pope outside of Rome. This was in 1993, and that Pope was John Paul II. Tourists can enter the church and visit the lookout tower, from which they can have a better look at the building across the street. This is the Royal Palace of Madrid, and its entrance is located in Plaza de la Armería. It is the largest palace in all of Western Europe, and while its main service is tourism, it is still under use for official state business and ceremonies.

               Madrid is a wonderful metropolis, that would be a delight for any tourist looking for historically significant sights and beautiful scenery, not to mention delightful art and cuisine. Truly, Madrid is home to a lot of the best of what Spain has to offer.

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